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Your car’s headlights are crucial to driving safely. They are like your eyes; the headlights help you see everything you can’t in the dark. Also, they warn you of oncoming drivers. Also, you can get a penalty if a police officer stops you while driving with them damaged. Therefore, you should go immediately to a professional if something happens to them. 

At Grease Monkey Auto Glass, we offer immediate headlight restoration services in case your car suffers an accident, or they stop working. Don’t waste more time thinking if you should repair them or not, you may be putting your life at risk.

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Consequences Of Not Restoring Your Headlights Right Away

Decreased Visibility 

As stated before, headlights are like your car’s eyes. If they have stains or are broken, they’ll not work as they should. According to studies, stains can reduce your visibility by 30%. Consequently, you’ll see less in the dark, risking yourself crashing with an animal or an object. This situation will damage your car and make you spend a lot of money you could have avoided. 

Deadly Accidents

At night, many people go back to their homes. However, not everyone has a car, so some use a bicycle with no lights or go back walking. These people have the same right as you do to use the highways. Nevertheless, it’s the driver’s responsibility to spot them with their headlights. So if drivers do not keep their headlights in top condition, they could miss a person and crash them, causing an accident that could be deadly for both parties. 

Expensive Fees

We understand that maintaining a car may be costly. However, would you prefer investing in keeping your vehicle in good condition or paying unnecessary fees? In some states, driving with damaged or stained headlights is illegal. 

We’ll Save Your Headlights!


Grease Monkey Auto Glass can repair any headlight in no time. We have over eight years offering auto glass repair services. For that reason, we guarantee that whatever you feel like it’s a big issue, we’ll get it solved. You don’t have to pay for costly and unworthy services; we’ll deliver a result that is 100% worth your money. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts. We’ll be happy to help you and solve any concerns you may have regarding our auto glass repair services.


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Great service and pit crew!!!
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia
Thanks for the great service!
S.J. Hollist
S.J. Hollist
These guys are amazing!
Tammie Bloxham
Tammie Bloxham
Chevy! My technician, did a wonderful and amazingly fast job with my Pontiacs oil change! Well spoken mannered and friendly! Thanks Chevy and everyone else at Grease Monkey in Idaho falls. Adam