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Imagine that you are happily driving on a road trip with your family, but suddenly a piece of debris crashes into your windshield. This problem is common as most highways are full of small stuff that can fly and cause a windshield crack. In this case, most drivers panic, thinking their glass will break anytime. For that reason, it’s essential to contact a professional immediately. 

Luckily for drivers in Idaho Falls, Grease Monkey Auto Glass is ready to repair any windshield crack you suffer anytime. Our team will repair it in half the time you imagine. 

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Benefits Of Our Professional Windshield Repair Service

Efficient Service

At Grease Monkey, we offer fast and high-quality service. We promise our clients a fast windshield repair service thanks to our qualified technicians that are the best in the field. We constantly train to practice our skills and improve our abilities. This allows us to deliver an exceptional result on the first try. 

Perfect Finishes

We characterize ourselves as technology lovers. Consequently, we only use the best technology available in the market. Our priority is to have the best for our clients, so we invest in the best equipment to deliver perfect finishes. 


We understand that accidents can happen anytime, so we’ll help you solve your problem in the least time possible. With us, you don’t have to worry about getting or not an efficient solution. We promise to erase your worries away. 

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Consequences Of Going To An Unauthorized Business

Your car's windshield protects you from the wind, rain, sun, or any object that may crash against you in an accident. For that reason, it should be repaired and maintained by a professional that guarantees it's well installed. If not, your life may be at risk in case of an accident or a storm.

With Grease Monkey, You’ll Make The Right Investment


Grease Monkey Auto Glass is the company to look for in case your windshield crashes. We guarantee to deliver your car as nothing happened to it. Our trained team and excellent equipment make the perfect duo for an excellent result. Moreover, we offer free advice on what’s the best thing to do in different situations you could face. 

So, if you’re looking for the best auto glass company in Idaho Falls, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can check our reviews to convince yourself that no one performs a job as we do. 


Read what our customers are saying about our auto glass services!

Great service and pit crew!!!
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia
Thanks for the great service!
S.J. Hollist
S.J. Hollist
These guys are amazing!
Tammie Bloxham
Tammie Bloxham
Chevy! My technician, did a wonderful and amazingly fast job with my Pontiacs oil change! Well spoken mannered and friendly! Thanks Chevy and everyone else at Grease Monkey in Idaho falls. Adam