Understanding Why Car’s Headlights Turn Yellow And Foggy
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Car headlights serve an important purpose: keeping you safe on the roads at night. With the proper maintenance, headlight lenses can be kept clear and remain effective for up to five years. However, headlight lenses turn yellow and foggy over time due to various factors, so calling headlight restoration services becomes a priority.

Suppose you’re a car owner dealing with foggy and yellow headlights; this blog post will explain the main causes of headlight discoloration and the importance of having a headlight restoration company at hand. Keep reading!

5 Causes Of Yellow And Foggy Headlights

Dirt, Debris, And Chemicals

After spending time on the open road, cars, unfortunately, begin to lose some of their lusters. This thin layer of grime and pollutants that accumulates over headlights can be hazardous as it significantly reduces visibility at night – reducing drivers’ safety ten-fold.


The modern age of automotive headlights brings an unavoidable reality – polycarbonate lenses are prone to developing microscopic cracks when exposed to UV radiation, resulting in a “cloudy” look that no driver wants.

Road Damage

As you drive along the rough terrain, small stones and debris bombard modern automotive headlight lenses. Each projectile generates a dent or pit in its wake — leaving your headlights looking like they’ve been through an asteroid field.

Water Vapor

The road ahead can be a bit foggy, especially when moisture in the air sneaks its way into your car’s headlights. This trapped vapor scatters and diffuses the light coming through to create an illuminated, ethereal mist on roadsides – making visibility more challenging for drivers.

Sunlight And UV Rays

Sunlight and UV rays are headlight killers, as they can cause serious damage to headlight lenses over time. Too much exposure leads to potentially irreparable oxidation and discoloration, making them very difficult to clean without professional headlight restoration services.

Avoid Unnecessary Costs With Headlight Maintenance Experts!

We’re a reliable, locally owned, operated headlight restoration company at Grease Monkey Auto Glass. We provide headlight maintenance and restoration services that keep your headlights looking new for up to five years.

Our company also takes pride in providing a full suite of auto glass services. We go beyond mere window repair and specialize in the installation, repairs, and all other aspects necessary to keep your car running optimally. We have five locations throughout Southeast Idaho and a mobile auto glass service that sends a technician right to you. 

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