What You Must Know About ADAS Recalibration and Alignment
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ADAS is an acronym for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. These systems are designed to make driving safer and can include features such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and more.

While these systems can be highly beneficial, they require regular recalibration and alignment to function correctly. ADAS systems can become less accurate over time without proper maintenance, leading to accidents. Today we’ll go over the process of ADAS recalibration and alignment to keep your vehicle safe.

ADAS Calibration Process

Pre Scan

Before beginning the ADAS calibration process, it’s essential to do a pre-scan of the vehicle. This will help identify any areas needing attention before starting the calibration.


When necessary, the professionals perform a full alignment check. This ensures that the vehicle’s wheels are pointing in the right direction. Also, the vehicle’s chassis should have a review for any frame or suspension damage.


Multiple radars, lidars, and cameras will need calibration in this step. You can request this in some auto glass services, but do a quick research on your chosen company.

Post Scan

Once the calibration is complete, it’s crucial to post-scan the vehicle. That’ll help ensure that all systems are functioning correctly and that no areas still need attention.

Road Test

The technicians conduct a road test to confirm that everything is working as it should. They usually do it with a lead car following behind the vehicle to verify everything is working correctly.

Final Scan

To determine a final diagnosis, the technicians will do another scan of the vehicle. With this, they confirm that no fault codes were generated and that all systems work as they should.


The auto glass services should provide you with a report that includes all the information about the ADAS recalibration and alignment process.

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