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Most people ignore their car wipers because they think they’re not important enough. However, that minor feature means a lot to your car. It’s crucial to keep them in good condition as they clean your windshield. They tend it from the rain, dirt, and so much more. Furthermore, you’ll have decreased visibility if they do not work correctly. 

Grease Monkey Auto Glass is the company to call if your wiper blades are not working correctly. We can replace them in no time. Our compromise is to help our clients solve their issues as fast as possible without compromising the quality. 

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What Causes Damage To Your Wipers?

UV Exposure

Your vehicle is constantly exposed to the sun, which is unsuitable for your wipers. Too much UV exposure over time damages its material, making it less cleaning effective. 

Cleaning Solvents

Some cleaning solutions include harsh chemicals that damage your wipers’ fragile material. Furthermore, they must be replaced over time. 

Road Debris

Imagine that if road debris can break your windshield, it will cause the same amount of damage to your wipers. 

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Signs That Indicate You Must Change Your Wipers

Rubber Issues

Examine your windshield wipers closely. Is the rubber in one piece, or has it been cracked, split, or broken off in spots? If you see any defects in the rubber, it's time to call Grease Monkey Auto Glass to replace the wiper blades.

Streaks On Your Windshields

If your wipers leave streaks on your windshield, it's a common sign that you must come to us for an auto glass repair service. Another indicator will be finding a layer of filth on your windshield after cleaning it.

They're Making Noise

This implies that they must depart. It also indicates that your wipers aren't washing your windshield as thoroughly as they should be. If you constantly hear this noise, don't waste more time and come to our place.

Experience The Grease Monkey Difference 

Grease Monkey Auto Glass is a professional company that provides the best repair services. We can help you solve any auto glass issue you may have. We have a fantastic team of people trained to work efficiently and correctly. 

When you come to us, you can rest assured that your car will be in good hands. We’ll treat it as if it was ours. Moreover, you can check our reviews to see how thankful our clients are for our fantastic service. 

So if you’re looking for a wiper blade replacement, come to Grease Monkey Auto Glass. We’ll replace them so you can have your windshield clean all the time. Also, you´ll avoid hiring costly windshield repair services in case your wiper blades damage it . 


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Great service and pit crew!!!
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia
Thanks for the great service!
S.J. Hollist
S.J. Hollist
These guys are amazing!
Tammie Bloxham
Tammie Bloxham
Chevy! My technician, did a wonderful and amazingly fast job with my Pontiacs oil change! Well spoken mannered and friendly! Thanks Chevy and everyone else at Grease Monkey in Idaho falls. Adam